I am Jackie Lovato. Photographer. Editor. Educator. Life lover.

I seek the Good Light in every situation and work to share it. With my camera, and without.

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I am drawn to honest imagery and photographs that tell a story about who you are and what you’re about. With Lovato Images, I aim to do just that. I answer most inquiries with questions myself. I want to know where you’re at and why. I like to have fun but never stray [too far] from the point. I love laughing but appreciate the hardship and tears too. We’re human. We should embrace all of it and put it wholeheartedly into our work, right?

Lovato Images is just one aspect of my work, but I back it 100% with all that I am. Who am I, you ask? In a nutshell (well salted, please): I am super positive. I dream big. I am fascinated by how people think and develop such drastically different perspectives from one another. I like to go for walks. I have ardor for observation. I can’t help it when it’s time to dance (live shows, music in the kitchen, whenever, wherever), I take my coffee black and my whiskey neat.

Photo by Robb Davidson Photography.