I think it’s easy to look at all the fluff and fantasy through social media these days and experience feelings of

Kestan Community Feature

Wow the last six months have been insane[ly good]! I am notorious for taking on more than I can chew, and somehow


There’s something to be said about this whole superpower we photographers hold in ‘freezing time.’ I

Godspeed | Lifestyle Portraits

Many years ago at this point, two young dreamers formed a friendship, and eventually fell in love. She moved away from

Oak Park Nature Center Family Photos

Katie and Marcus are expecting the newest edition to their family in a few short weeks. Before she makes her debut, we

Less me. More you.

Sometimes we’re so concerned with what’s going on in our heads that we miss the important things right in front of us.

Yay for Mini Sessions

Photographed these Coloradan beauties while they were in town for a very special wedding. Met them for a quick family

Sam and Steve’s Orange Engagement Photos

Steve and Sam individually are two incredible people. I met Steve a few years back and loved him immediately. He’s

Orange County Event Photography

Running is often nothing more than a series of arguments between the part of your brain that wants to stop and the part

Mother’s Day Mini Sessions

Hey, yay! Mother’s Day is in one month! What are you going to do for yours??? How about giving Mom the gift of memories

Motherhood Rising

The circle of life is such an incredible miracle. That two people can come together, love each other, work with one

Baby Vaughn’s Bump

That’s my nephew in there! I am incredibly excited to meet my brother’s son, and was overjoyed to spend the

Don’t miss it

A couple weeks ago I impulsively decided to take the day off and take my favorite little lady to our favorite beach. We

somewhere in South Texas

“Do you still do your blog?” “Are you still running your business?” “I haven’t seen

Traci and Donny’s Newport Beach Wedding

Weddings are not always the easiest thing to plan, do, attend, etc. Traci and her family got a funky little taste of

Traci and Donny’s Wedding

So these two incredible people are getting married this weekend and I couldn’t be more excited to kick off 2017

Family Photography in Yorba Linda

And welcome Sir Thomas of Yorba Linda, the newest, cutest newborn in town. 🙂 So glad I got to share these first moments


I have to say, I’ve been on the fence the last few years on the having kids decision. For someone who’s

First Quarter Headshot Special

Have you had a productive first month of 2017? Are you looking forward to doing more awesomeness in 2017? Have you

Save it for a Rainy Day

I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions. You resolve to do something… because it’s a fresh year?

Thank you

I was on the phone the other day with a long time client and dear friend, explaining why I wouldn’t trust a


Man today has felt like a day in the trenches. I had some technical difficulties loading new content to my site, upon


Marriage is a life long journey that thrives on love, commitment, communication, trust, respect, patience and


As I sit on the edge of this year, with slippers on my feet and tangles in my hair, I wonder how I got so lucky to live

Traci + Donny + Zoe

Traci and I met at the fresh age of seven, inside the artistic doors of Mrs. Dibble’s first grade class. We

The Intern

Erica is an enthusiastic, hard working and faithful young woman. She’s experienced a lot in her short life, but

Wrapping up the year

As the dust settles from a stupendous final weekend of an over the top month, I find myself counting my blessings even


This time of year everything but slow and serene. And yet I find myself today, between scurrying and hurrying to finish

Tis the Season | Family Photos in Orange

Tis the season to be awesome, fa la la la la, la la la la. Oh wait, it’s still November. But dudes, Thanksgiving

Amila and Stu’s Dana Point Engagement Photos

Orange County Engagement Photography ‘Darling,’ he said, ‘you are all I ever wanted love to

Singing Along with Jill and her dudes

When you get to spend the morning with Jill and her three dudes, you know it’s one of the good ones… If

Newport Beach Garden Wedding

Sherman Library and Gardens Wedding Dale and Dave come from different backgrounds, faiths and families, as we all do.


Welcome to the world, Maeve! You are beautiful and I can’t wait to get to know you and the beautiful girl you

Jeremy’s Proposal

I was at Sherman Library and Gardens on Saturday, minding my own business, busy with business actually, I was

Hannah’s Maternity Photos in Santa Cruz

Maternity Photos Hannah and I have come a long way together since that fateful meeting at London’s Heathrow

Amila and Stu’s E Party | Engagement Party Photos

Amila and Stu’s love story started seven years ago, when they met as teenagers under a crisp fall sky. It was a

Family Portraits | Lovato Images Simple Sessions

Holiday Family Photos in Orange Make a little time for your family this year with our day of Simple Sessions! $150 25

Autumn and Jeremy’s Oregon Woods Wedding

Destination Wedding in Oregon We awoke to birds singing in the distance and crisp air rustling in the trees. The sun

Italy: Day Two

Watch Uffizi Drive me to Firenze? Italia 2016. Day Two. We woke up to fresh Florence air coming through the open window

Family Photos in Orange

Family Photography in Orange Little Caston became a big brother earlier this year, and I’m glad we were able to

I love kids | Holiday Family Photos in Orange

Family Photos in Orange Little people are so endearing to me. Full of energy, full of curiosity, and full of so much

Something Special Coming…

In one month, Lovato Images is going to be offering a very sweet session for you families out there. I know it’s

Italy: Day One

So many of you have asked about my trip to Italy earlier this summer, and I feel it’s best to just tell you in

To Be My Best Friend | Upland Hills Country Club Wedding

Upland Hills Country Club Wedding I take you to be my best friend, my faithful partner and my one true love. I promise

From the Beginning | Laguna Beach Family Photos

Laguna Beach Family Photos To say I started photographing this family from the beginning literally means, I started


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