Don’t miss it

A couple weeks ago I impulsively decided to take the day off and take my favorite little lady to our favorite beach. We also had a friend in town from Michigan, so showing him a good time was another motivating factor. But really, I just wanted to stop the hustle and bustle for a minute and savor some of life’s sweetness with my sweetest.

I’ve had too many friends lose their beloved canines this year. They’ve all been older dogs, seasoned and ripe, and close to their time. But that doesn’t make it easier. Harder actually, I’d gander to say. Their time with us is so short and for those of us that get more of it than others, the bonds formed with these beings is like nothing else on this earth.

Thus my limited time with Chloe was gnawing at my neck. So I turned off the ‘to-do’ list and turned my priorities that day to loving my girl, listening to the waves crash on the sand and watching life’s wonders stretch before me, one light ray at a time. We went up to Top of the World to watch the sun set and as the day slowly began its shift to night, I was overwhelmed with appreciation and a pull to stay present…

I appreciate this beautiful backyard of mine, this gorgeous chunk of land I call home. I appreciate being able to appreciate it that day. I’m thankful for my work that supports and grounds me, but grants me freedom at the same time. I’m thankful for friends, four legged and two, that give me presence and keep me in the present. I’d have missed so much in this life if it weren’t for my people and this one special poodle. And you guys might miss it too. Put your phones down damnit. Turn off your machines. TUNE IN to ALL that’s before you…your relationships, your freedom of choice, your ability to go outside and witness Creation happen right in front of you. Look someone deep in the eyes and learn something about them. Listen. Life’s pretty fucking incredible. Don’t miss it.



My friend brought his drone so while he began to fly, Chloe and I walked around taking some photos too…


Then my favorite human came and met us just before the sun sank behind Catalina.


…Chloe was cold so he put her in his jacket. <3


Goodnight, Moon. 🙂 Thanks for a wonderful day!


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