somewhere in South Texas

“Do you still do your blog?” “Are you still running your business?” “I haven’t seen you on social media lately…”

Some questions I’ve received lately make it sound like I’ve got to have a chat with my marketing department, eh? Someone’s not doing their job effectively!

Truth be told, I’ve slipped on the marketing reigns lately and I’m totally okay with it. No, I don’t want you to think I’ve fallen off the wagon (still riding!). I don’t want anyone to wonder if Lovato Images still exists (it does!). I’ve just got some other avenues that have required exploration and dedication and while Lovato Images is still bustling and booming, I’ve taken time away from some of the business side of things to do well, other things. I’m still taking care of my clients 110% and creating awesome images daily, I just haven’t been marketing as much (or doing business development much or accounting much or IT much…someone should talk to those departments too huh).

So anyway thanks for staying tuned! Thanks for wondering what’s up. Thanks for being amazing humans in relationships with me and the ones you love that give me reason to do what I do.



flea market, somewhere in south Texas, circa…? if anyone guesses the year you get a free pineapple.

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