Less me. More you.

Sometimes we’re so concerned with what’s going on in our heads that we miss the important things right in front of us. Our own feelings and thoughts tend to cloud our vision and we miss the world walk by. We miss things that matter. We’re so consumed with ourselves that we fail to realize how our actions and reactions affect everything around us.

We’re all just trying to do the best we can. I get it. But too often we’re just trying to do the best we can for ‘me’ and not enough for ‘you’ or ‘them.’ People give our lives meaning. Connections. Relationships. Love. That’s where the Goodness really spreads the best, right? When you give it and share it with others.

My wish today, is that I step out of my head for a minute, more often. Every minute, every day, my mind goes a mile around this and that and also that that I need to do. And the to-do’s are usually for me and my benefit. But what about you? What about the benefit of others? What good can we do? Today I’m going to give more thought to that. Open my eyes and my mind with hopes to really see

Less me. More you. And while we’re at it, more plants in the window too.


portrait of my beautiful, thoughtful friend in Florence, 2016.

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