This time of year everything but slow and serene. And yet I find myself today, between scurrying and hurrying to finish that and this, looking forward to all the craziness that’s to come. I long for chilly winter naps covered on the couch and a whole weekend with the whole family together. It’s doubtful either of those will happen this year, yet I sit here so very thankful still.

I’m thankful for work opportunities and a strong mind and body to fulfill them. I’m thankful for my students, and education and all I’ve invested in both. I’m thankful for challenges. I’m thankful for friends who are true. I’m thankful for: long hair, puppy smells, snuggles with my two faves, home, my two faves in it, dinner dates, wine, Grammy time and every fleeting moment I get with it all. Thanksgiving is next week and it’s going to be a race to the finish line, I’m realizing now. I’ll get it all done, and if I don’t…I’ll finish it after. Because even though it’s going to be crazy preparing and cooking and hosting our first… I’m going to savor the shit out of it. I’m going to savor every moment of this beautiful season.

Life’s too good to not count your blessings. This bustling time of year, and always.




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