As I sit on the edge of this year, with slippers on my feet and tangles in my hair, I wonder how I got so lucky to live the way I do. The morning light warms the corners beside the windows and my black drink warms the inside of me. You’ve been cold to us, 2016. Despite all the Goodness, much of you has been so cruel.

Lives you took. Friendships you lost. Relationships you severed and hope you ripped from our hands. I sat in heaps staring at the blurred sky through watered eyes and wondered how things ever got so wrong. More than once. I wondered why people were put in their positions and what purpose all of the muck is to serve.

He stands in the doorway stroking his chin. She sits on the couch scratching hers. And my mind can’t help but return to all the Goodness. Even if some things don’t get better, I know we’ve got it so good within these maple viewed walls. I’ll keep focusing on that. One black sip at a time.




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