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One goal this year is to develop the boudoir photography portion of my business. I love women, celebrating women, and honoring their beauty. To me, boudoir pictures are not about lingerie or being ‘sexy’ for a camera; they are about being comfortable in your own skin and feeling good about yourself. I don’t even like calling them boudoir photos, really, because the work I do is so much more than that. I’m in the process of developing a better terminology to describe this type of work I do.

Additionally, I’m looking into new avenues to showcase this work. I’m thinking a new business name so as not to confuse other clientele, and a new website. Last year I branched off the commercial and corporate portions of my business so my professional clients had a tailored space to view that work. I’m thinking of shifting gears with this ‘boudoir photo’ portion of my business as well so beautiful women will have an inspiring place to go…

This is all very fresh and undeveloped and in an infant stage at best. I’m not sure if I want to take this elsewhere. I do want you to be awakened and inspired to do more and feel more about yourself. I want you to shine in all the gorgeousness you were meant for. So I’m going to sit and ponder this for awhile. Feedback is warmly welcomed. But positive thoughts and energy sent my way would be best. Because this is all about you and however it happens, I’m going to make my ‘boudoir photography’ the best it can be, just for you.


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  • February 1, 2013 - 11:33 am

    Carie - i think a separate site for just boudoir is a fab! idea – one i had myself!

    i think it would be cool to do a “play” on “lovato” since it sort of has “love” in it – with playing on “love women” – for the name of your boudoir site

    something like that…

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