An email: Let’s Shine Like We Were Meant to

to a client via email:

“here’s the thing, Stephanie: we ALL have body issues. you might think my frame looks amazing, but i’m secretly wishing i had a more voluptuous chest and a booty like yours. i feel my arms are too big. you feel your legs are too thick. we all struggle with our body image because our society is so soaked with it. we see the airbrushed paper thin models everywhere and we think we should look like that too. our perception of beauty is tainted by mass communication, so we look past our own beautiful traits and long for this false reality that’s been shoved down our throats. there’s no getting around it.

but we can get through it. and doing a boudoir session like this is a daring and direct step. you’re forced to look hard at yourself, with less clothing, with less subtlety, and stare at yourself bare. it can be difficult…but as you said…taking a second look, you see it more for the beauty we created together, and less for what you think society thinks you should be. but what you ARE, Stephanie, is amazing. you are an attractive, spirited, creative, compassionate and caring mother, a supportive wife and backbone to your family. you have larger breasts and a softer tummy (than society says), better for cradling your babies. you have strong arms, better for holding up your man. you have sturdy legs, best for supporting yourself and pushing through the highs and lows of life.

i think your body is beautiful and i am SO EXCITED about the beauty we created together with your boudoir photos in that cold, empty house. pms is annoying. so is society. ill get off my soapbox now and continue loving life and loving this session with you. sorry for the rant. i guess my own issues were coming out there too.

basically, i’m with ya mama. let’s get on with it and SHINE like we were meant to.”


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