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One of my favorite quotes is by Elizabeth Gilbert when she writes ‘You are what you think.’ Happiness doesn’t depend on who you are or what you have, it depends completely on what you think. And what you think of yourself is so important. Some of us think mostly great about ourselves, while some of us tend to pick ourselves apart, but we all need to continually develop our self worth. One way to improve self worth is by learning to have courage in a vulnerable situation. Being able to look at ourselves and say, ‘Hey wait a minute, I am strong, I am valuable, I AM BEAUTIFUL.’ It’s being able to look in the mirror and be happy with who stares back at you. It’s accepting that extra inch on your waist, or the deeper wrinkle below your eye and saying to yourself again, ‘I am strong, I am valuable, I am beautiful!’
Every woman has a sexy side. She just has to believe it. Sexy doesn’t look; it feels, it strengthens, it loves. Sexy is having self worth, walking around tall and not being afraid to show it. Sexy is letting everyone around you know it: ‘I am Alice Kingsley, and I can slay the jabberwocky!’ or, ‘I am (insert your name here), I can (insert action you are to accomplish here)!’
I have photographed many things over the years and I have to admit that boudoir pictures are my favorite to capture. It’s such an intimate session where a woman is forced to own up to her self and have the courage to love herself more. We live in a world where all we do is put ourselves down, a world where we become hard and refrain from vulnerability, a world where we just never feel good enough. What better work to invest in than to empower women through the art of photography? My job is to capture your beauty so everyday you are reminded of just how gorgeous you are.
Boudoir photos* are for every woman: voluptuous, flat, curvy, thin, long or wide. This is your moment to shine, build that self confidence and say ‘Yes, I am strong, I am valuable, I am beautiful and amazing!’ You are what you think, after all. So jump in front of my camera and start thinking more!

*note, boudoir pictures do not have to be taken in lingerie or nude. you wear what you’re comfortable in, what you feel good in and what makes you feel most sexy.


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