so amazingly blessed

i am SO AMAZINGLY blessed.

not specifically by God. tho i truly believe The Creator is innately involved in most all of my things.


you people. you fantastically fresh and fun and REAL people. friends. acquaintances. clients. all to hopefully continue as friends…YOU SEE ME. and some of you may not even know it. but. you do.

and you may not exactly GET ME. but you get enough to know, that i know, the honor and value of SEEING YOU. and so, you show me. a little bit sometimes. and few more layers some other times. some deep dark depths even other times.

and each time it’s a glimpse. it’s a nod. it’s a glance. it’s an eye to lens through eye locking stare. and I SEE YOU. because you bless me. you grace me. you move me…with nothing else but yourself.

and i am SO AMAZINGLY blessed. because you see me and you slowly, subtly, softy then straightforwardly allow me to see you.

that darn camera that walls  between your eyes and mine. it doesn’t block us. it opens us up. but it’s what you see and i see without the camera that allows us to go deeper with it.


because of YOU, i am so amazingly blessed.

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and blessings to you on this very merry Christmas!

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