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I woke up a few mornings ago and realized, I’m in pretty good shape. My roommates and I have been consistent with our gym attendance since the turn of the year and our motivation keeps feeding off one another and continues to grow. Combined with several fabulous meals together every week, countless stimulating conversations and daily laughter, our home has become a little wellness center of sorts. I’m happy to report once again that life is good!

I’ve also started participation in a breakfast club. Every Thursday morning, a few of us meet and discuss our businesses, our lives, our health and ways to make ourselves and our work better. It’s been beyond fabulous.

Two of the breakfast club members are clients of Christine Mohler, a fabulous woman who I was fortunate enough to work with a few weeks back. She’s a nutritionist with a natural medicine based practice in Orange. She hired me to do head shots for her and I enjoyed working with her so much, I’ve been keeping tabs on her and her work since. She’s a very special woman with enlightening techniques and daily practices that will get anyone back to better health in no time. Not to mention her positive attitude is highly contagious…

So if you’ve been in a funk, I recommend either getting new roommates who are two of the coolest people in the world, starting your own breakfast club with solid individuals who care about you as much as, if not more than themselves…or call Christine Mohler. She’s a gifted clinician who I’ve learned a lot from in a very small amount of time.

Happy Monday! Happy healthy living!

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