Festival of Hearts Family – Charity Event Photography

St. Paul’s Festival of Hearts Gala. An evening to come together and give. An evening to get dressed up and dance. An evening to enjoy our community and our blessings, and share them with others.

It’s a formal charity event that my church puts on every year. It’s something we all look forward to every year. This year though, was quite different because my mom co-chaired it. She basically put the whole thing together, with the help of her co-chair and many others of course. Including me. And my dad. And everyone who’s been around her the past few months. It’s been quite a task.

And a task quite worth taking. The community at St. Paul’s is unlike any I’ve ever known. It’s a group of people, a family that I’ve come to appreciate beyond any other community to which I belong. These people are strong individuals, happy and committed couples and focused families that always seem to care more about others than they do themselves. So to experience a fine evening such as the FOH with them and watch everyone laugh and hug and dance and then give to the three charities that support those way less fortunate than us, is a beautiful thing to be a part of. (<-yes I’m ending a sentence in a preposition, don’t hate)

I agreed to photograph the event, specifically, portraits during cocktail hour with proceeds benefiting St. Paul’s. So I set up my ‘photo booth’ in the corner and did mini-portrait sessions of all the families interested. It was so fun! Everyone looked fabulous and it was so great to see everyone enjoying themselves at the event my mom worked so hard to coordinate.

So that was my weekend. Setting up for for FOH, then shooting it and enjoying it too, of course. My mom said she and Mona (the co-chair) slipped into the ballroom a few minutes before the doors opened to say a quick prayer. Then God came back at them with His blessings and abundance to support their request. The numbers aren’t in yet, but this committee member, donor, vendor and grateful guest would venture to say that it was a rock out bomb awesome success.

Orange County event photography www.lovatoimages.comPINME

For all your FOH goers, portraits will be available later this week online. I’ll do another post to notify you! Thanks!

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