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Life is so amazing, isn’t it? Birth and growth and rebirth and more growth and death and dealing with death and more life to come, helping one another through it all along the way…it’s just amazing!

I had the opportunity to photograph two little babes recently as well as hang out with some tiny baby puppies and I’m just blown away by this whole birth/baby thing. I mean, everything starts out so small, so vulnerable, so helpless…and it is our job to protect them, nurture them, feed them and help them grow. Then, when they can stand on their own, they still need us. Mothers and fathers obviously have the biggest role, but we as a community must offer support too. We must all help.

Like when a little child tries to steal a toy, we must say ‘We share.’ When a little puppy takes care of business in the grass, we must provide warm praise. When a teenager is bombarded by peer pressure and torn between right and wrong, we must act as positive role models. Or when a young adult needs advice on which direction to go, we must lend an ear and offer sound feedback.

Support. We need it from the very beginning as these little babies who cannot survive alone, then it extends throughout our lives as we grow and progress and give new birth to new aspects of ourselves. Because really, what are we here for, if not to help one another?


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More pictures of this sweet little Jude and his brother in Huntington Beach coming soon!


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