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Lydia and Chris came to me as a gift. And I mean this in more than one way.

Lydia’s brother and I met awhile back and he knew right away a portrait session would be the perfect gift for his sister and her husband who have done so much for him.

Then I met Lydia and Chris for portraits at Heisler Park in Laguna Beach and I realized I was in for a treat myself. Chris is an engineer, architect, designer and craftsman with Lydia as the marketing director and co-founder of their design firm, and the couple just oozed innovation and creative expression. They brought a design Chris has spent his entire career fine tuning, seeking images that highlighted the chair, displayed it’s artistic elements and of course, included them. Such a shift from the family portraits I thought I was in for!

The shoot was fun and fantastic and both Lydia and Chris and myself and my assistant were pleased. It was creative collaboration at it’s finest and I was again reminded that when we work together to produce something unique and unlike anything we could have done on our own, it can be the greatest gift of all.

#ilovewhatido 🙂 and #ilovemyassistant #wemakeagreatteam

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  • October 18, 2012 - 5:57 pm

    Carie - Love, love, love the composition of this image. In a shot like this, I’m struggling with getting the people “lit” enough, without getting the background too light & washed out. Pointers?

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