Where are you located? Do you travel?
Lovato Images HQ are in Old Towne Orange, California. I am absolutely available to travel and will go just about anywhere. We try to keep travel costs as low as possible for you but depending on location, rates vary. Hit us with your idea(s) and we’ll make it happen!

What forms of payment do you accept?
Check is preferred. Credit cards are fine and cash is still king. Barrels of whiskey and first class flights to Italy are also acceptable forms of payment.

What does my portrait session or wedding package include?
Because your needs vary, so do our sessions and collections! Details and contents of your specific session are confirmed with you via email at booking.

What is a viewing session?
Two weeks after your portrait session we get together to view your proofs and select those you want to print. Every session includes a print credit so we redeem that along with any additional wall hangings, frame-ables or albums. Life is too full to let you tackle that task on your own so we host this viewing session to wrap the project and get your portraits in your hands.

How do I get the jpegs?
After your viewing session, we send you an email with all images from your session that are watermarked and formatted for digital usage only. What this means is the jpeg images are low resolution, aka, very small files (way less than 1mb), optimized for [speedy/efficient] web/computer/device usage. They are not suitable for printing larger than a 4×6 (technically you can print larger than that but the images will look blurry because there are not enough pixels to create a good quality print). So feel free to print a 4×6 of every shot from your session! However, if you’d like larger prints, you must order them through Lovato Images or purchase high resolution jpeg files.

What do you mean by high-resolution file?
Resolution refers to the number of pixels in an image and thus affects the image quality. The world wide web would explode if we tried to load all of these massive (lots of pixels) image files to it every day, so it operates with smaller file sizes (less pixels) to maintain all the content. In order to print enlargements with all the wonderful detail (or, lots of pixels in the image), we must use the large high-resolution files (2-10mb). We are happy to handle your enlargement printing or send you individual high-res files or a custom USB of the entire session.

How much do your prints and high-resolution jpeg files cost?
A price list can be found here and high-resolution files are available for $25/each.

I don’t really need prints, can my print credit be exchanged for high-res jpeg files or a discount?
No. We believe your memories should be displayed and enjoyed, not just stored on some computer or hard drive. Prints are part of our service to you and your experience.

What if my session includes high-resolution files?
Some of our sessions include 1-5 high-resolution files. We will send you all of the low-resolution images from your session like normal, then once you tell us which images you’d like for your included high-res files, we will send a separate email with the larger image files. You are able to use these high-resolution images at any printer you like to make high-quality prints and enlargements on your own.

Can we share the photos on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Pinterest?
Of course! The low-resolution images that are included with every session are web-ready and we encourage you to share, share! We kindly ask that you refrain from adding any filters/presets that will alter the color of the images and that you credit Lovato Images (or @jackielovato on Instagram) in the caption.

What does ‘post production’ include?
Post production includes but is not limited to culling and collating, archive, cropping, color correction, black and white conversion, image enhancement and a little snazzy sauce we add to our favorites in Photoshop. Our work is not overly processed to reflect our style and philosophy that your images should look like your real life: authentic, honest and emotional.

What is retouching?
Our post production includes everything listed above. For additional requests such as skin/wrinkle softening, blemish removal, or slenderizing, we charge a retouching fee of $50/image.

How long are the images available in the online gallery?
We can guarantee 6 months.

What do I need to do to prepare for my portrait session?
Please read our information page for lots of awesome tips.

What if my question wasn’t answered here?
Email us and we’d be happy to clarify any concerns you may have.

Do you really love what you do as much as you say you do?

Are you always this positive?
I get down sometimes but don’t stay there long. So for the most part, yes.