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So you’re interested in an awesome session with Lovato Images!? Awesome!

Here’s what to expect with our Portrait Sessions:


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1. Scheduling time. In order to book your session, consult with Lovato Images immediately on dates and timing and submit your retainer in order to secure your date.

2. Session time. The light is best in the early mornings or late afternoon/evenings. If you can book your session first thing in the morning, that is fantastic! Morning sessions turn out lovely! If afternoons/evenings work best for you, a start time at an hour or two before sunset is ideal. The photographer’s time can be limited, so book your session as soon as possible.

3. Your time. Please plan enough travel time to arrive on time, if not a few minutes early. When you’re rushed, it shows in your face and affects your portraits. Also, Lovato Images cannot guarantee extra time on the back end if you show up late to your appointment. We want you to enjoy this! So please come ready to have fun, relaxed and on time. We typically spend 45-75 minutes shooting, so plan other commitments accordingly.


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1. Type of Portraits. Lovato Images is the work and passion of Jackie Lovato, a lifestyle photographer with a love for the art of life. Your session will be fun, free and fully wrapped around you and who you are. It is our aim to draw out the beauty of you and your story and to create art with you. Be ready to smile and laugh and also be serious and reflect on your self, your family, your work and your situation.

2. Location. Because of the Lovato Images style, on-location shoots are preferred as the environment and location help to tell your story. If there’s a location that has sentimental or specific value to you, please suggest it. Otherwise, choose a space that suits you, such as downtown/urban street scene, a park with flowers and benches, a rustic hillside or even your own living room. We have plenty of great location suggestions if you need help.

3. Posing/Direction. Much of the Lovato Images style is documentary, so you will be instructed to ‘hang out for a minute’ or ‘talk amongst yourselves,’ so you can be photographed candidly. There will also be plenty of posing and specific direction. If you’ve never been in front of a camera or are uncomfortable with the thought, do not worry! You will be guided through your session to create the most natural and effortless portraits possible.

4. Your Clothing. Lovato Images loves color! As does the location and posing, your clothing helps tell your story as well! Wear one of your favorite outfits, something you feel great in and something that showcases your own personal style. Bright/bold colors are preferred. Avoid wearing white, crazy patterns or any large logos or text as they are not flattering to the body or skin and tend to date the photographs. Do not worry too much about matching your partner or family with color, but do try to match style (casual, semi-casual, formal).

5. Props. If you have an item or two that helps identify who you are, please bring it! Lovato Images loves instruments, bottles of wine, maps and even capes (for the little boys in the crowd!). Think about what might help tell your story, whether it be the globe that you spin when you dream of travel, your guitar you constantly strum or just a blanket and a tea set where you party with your little girls, please bring it! We love diversity and props help diversify your session and help to better illustrate your story.


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Wedding and Event photography differs slightly due to booking dates and timing, mostly. Portrait sessions are included in all Wedding and Event packages so the above information still applies. In order to give each client our full creative energy, we only take a limited number of weddings each year. Inquire today.

If you have any other questions, please ask! Lovato Images is here to create amazing images with you and if further consultation is needed, do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to working with you soon.