30 Years to the Day

I fortunately haven’t had any of that ‘weird’ness or ‘sad’ness or ‘uncomfy’ ness that a lot of people do upcoming this phase. I’ve been so excited and have enjoyed EVERY second…including the ‘oh shit I can’t drink that much anymore,’ and the ‘wow my body doesn’t handle that so well anymore,’ and the increased skin care and earlier bed times and harder work at the gym. It’s different, but I’m loving it.

I struggled figuring out ‘what to do’ for my birthday this year. I think mostly because I feel special and important and I have fun most days. So when every day is a celebration of life, 30 years to the day that I was born seems like any other day.

I’m happy. And I’m happy to spend some time with family and friends a bit this weekend, but happier still to just have such great people in my life. How can you not love that?



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  • February 16, 2014 - 4:05 pm

    Katelyn - This is so true about you and it’s why we all love to be around you! Your love for life is contagious! You deserve all the best that life has to offer! Love you 4eva!!

  • May 19, 2014 - 3:42 pm

    Anna - Used your business card and went right to the “personal” category. This title stuck out: lovely read.

    Wonderful meeting you at that brewery the other day.

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