Christmas [can be] kinda tough

“Honestly, Christmas is kinda tough,” he said to me and it stopped me short. Christmas is always so easy though, I thought. Christmas is the most awesome, lovely lazy day, with family and friends and lounging and loving and sharing in peace. I didn’t understand.

He went on to explain the difficulty of timing and driving and cooking and splitting of families and presents for his new kids and handling her dogs and mom’s boyfriend and getting grandma home by bed time. I immediately understood.

My family’s always had it easy: just the four of us, sleeping in, eating a beautiful breakfast, sharing gifts, sharing laughs and sharing the most peaceful day of the year. It had never occurred to me that it’s not as peaceful for everyone. Then peace flew out the window on Christmas Day and I felt some toughness of my own. The holidays can be tough, no doubt, and there’s nothing wrong with that as long as we remember that being together, no matter what the circumstances, is the best gift.

Today I drew myself a bath and soaked with appreciation for the gift of my family and all the times we’ve spent together. But it was so nice to be alone again.

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