Italy or Bust

Ettore Sottsass // “I believe you travel to confirm your ideas, and whatever you can’t confirm you discard as you travel. In a certain sense, you redesign yourself when you’re traveling.”

In less than a month I will be doing exactly that^ sort of design. This year has been heavy, to put it lightly. I’ve come face to face with many aspects of myself and my life that I’m not so sure I want to keep around anymore. I’m anxious to breathe in the air from a new sky and feel the dirt on my feet from another land. I’m excited to focus through my viewfinder and rediscover parts of my world that I’ve lost sight of. I’ll drink wine. I’ll eat bread. I’ll walk for miles, wander and write, get lost and find exactly what it is I’m looking for. And of course, let go of what I’m not.



Tuscany, 2011

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