Do Something

As an artist, I am constantly filled with this deep desire to create.

Often I won’t recognize this, and so I’ll trudge through my day with a longing who’s name and purpose elude me. It can weigh me down and harbor notions of inadequacy and dissatisfaction. I’ll find myself feeling lost.

So I wander.

Then I reach an understanding. It is not me. It is not hormones. It is that hunger, that delightful determination to make this world better. Thank God for it. For even when it brings me down for a few moments, it always elevates me again. Higher, lighter, stronger with the darkness subdued, I go out and do something. All I have to do is dial in, click the shutter a few times and I see the Light with a little more appreciation, look at our world with a little more respect and produce something that shares some of the Goodness.

I’m honored to carry this craving every day. Because what are we here for if not to do some Good for one another?


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