Outside of Lovato Images, I’ve undertaken a couple endeavors that have been a fun change of pace from the normal photography world in which I reside. One such venture has been the adventure of managing the blog development with Travels with Penelope.

Penelope is a spirited and Bright woman with a gift for the written word. She is very wise and her writing reflects the deep and eloquent nature of her thought process. Her unique life story unfolds in every post as she curates and articulates her experiences. Sharing insight to everything from travel, dining, diets and the Divine, Penelope has lived a hundred lifetimes in her short life and I could sit and listen to her talk for hours. But to hear her stories through her writing, now that’s the real treat. Reading her work is rewarding beyond measure.

Head over and check out a post or two and subscribe to her page. We’re still working on building her blog into exactly what she wants it to be, so expect some visual and organization changes to come. But her writing. Oye! She posts a few times a month and every article is well worth the read.




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