Getting Rid of a Little Sister

In the past few months, that needling nuisance we know as Writer’s Block has been at it again. She’s been pestering me like a little sister, and mom won’t let me leave her at home.

With her constantly by my side, I haven’t been able to write a thing. Not a thing worth reading anyway. So today I take it upon myself to move forward. Today I take it upon myself to progress. I can’t blame her forever.

Today I made a personal commitment to myself to write three pages daily, whether it’s good or not. Most writers write every day and it’s time for me to do the same. Not here, not in such a public space, but in a private little box I can close and open on my own and insert my innermost insights. With no one looking, I will write freely and openly, without fear of judgment or condemnation. Blank pages will intimidate me no longer and within that Block I will find inspiration. I will be made worthy by my own will and Mercy alone.

So instead of biting at my heels, she’ll grab my hands and swing me around. She’ll release the block and I’ll reach beyond. I’ll get rid of a little sister and take on a new friend. I’ll throw back my head and laugh. And together we’ll dance a new dance.


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