Happy Thanksgiving

The holidays always manifest more quickly than I ever anticipate…because always, all of a sudden, they’re upon us.

But Thanksgiving is always the day where I’m able to slow down and focus on how quickly time comes and goes, how fickle money dwindles and flows and how beautifully abundant my life really is. I come to my parents, they hand me a drink, I lay on their couch, I eat their amazing food, am wrapped with their amazing energy and love warms my insides more vibrantly and richly than the whiskey ever could.

I am thankful for so much. Every moment, every embrace, every conflict, every race…every note, every move…every second of this beautiful life I’ve lived…has built a richness inside of me that has made me more well-off and loaded than a millionaire could ever hope to be.

The holidays to me are about counting blessings. The holidays to me are about slowing down amidst the rush. The holidays to me are about reminiscing on all the good times. They are also about remembering the bad times.

I hope you are able to slow down today. Count your blessings, not your bank account. Reminisce. Get warm inside. Remember. And know that no matter how good or bad it might be…it gets better. If you are open to it, it always gets better.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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