HUMOR – it’s all a state of mind

Can we talk about my sense of humor for a minute?

First of all, I think it’s fantastic. I laugh at my myself almost everyday. I’m constantly entertained by my thoughts and actions. I’m pretty consistently having myself a good ole time.

Back in college I took a class called The American Humor. Our first assignment on our first day of class, was to come in the next day and do something humorous. I went home and immediately quizzed my family and friends on good jokes to tell and funny things to say. I was quite interested to find that I’m not a funny person. Everyone agreed.

But people laugh at me! People laugh with me! I always have a good time, and so do most the people I’m around. I swear I have a good sense of humor; I swear I’m a good time.

After that assignment though, I realized my humor doesn’t dwell in jokes or funny phrases I spit. My humor is more a state of mind…

My humor lies in finding the Light in most situations. My humor rests on the fact that fun is just an attitude shift away. My humor relies on the viewpoint that life is good and making the best of every experience is the very best thing we as humans can do.

So with that being said, sometimes I wish I were funny. Sometimes I wish I could tweet things that make people “lol” or bust out a witty comment that brings laughing tears to a circle of fellow cocktail-party-goers’ eyes. But I don’t and I typically can’t.

But I’m a good time. I swear. See…they were laughing with me (at me, actually, in this case). And I know they were definitely having a good time. Cause it’s all a state of mind.

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