Look For It

From Astrology.com, Aquarians are visionaries, progressive souls who love to spend time thinking about how things can be better. And for those of you that have read my blog once or twice, you know I’m constantly thinking about progression.

While g-chatting with a [ridiculously amazing] friend the other day, I received an uh-mazing compliment: “You represent true happiness. Cause you’re real…if you struggle with things you don’t hide it but do your best to overcome/see it in the best light possible.” Wow. I felt so honored to be viewed in such a way. But I also felt uplifted knowing the truth in his statement.

Because you see, happiness to me IS about the journey. It’s about the progression. And we all know journeys include rough roads and progression includes tough times. Yea, I complain. More than I’d like to admit. Absolutely I cry. Sure I fall down and get dirty and somehow wade my way out. It’s life.

And it’s lovely. And I’m happy to be doing it. There’s so much beauty around us, people. So much. And YOU have the power to change and redefine what beauty is. The Good Light is all around. Look for it.



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