My Facial Bar has been Raised

I have to take a moment to share not a photography tip, but a tip on how to put your best face forward. I’ve had a few facials in my day. And they were very nice. Then I went to Cynthia Karim’s facial studio in Yorba Linda and I gotta say, my facial bar has been raised. High.

Cynthia’s got wonderful products, a ridiculously comfortable and relaxing space and a healing touch. Her product lines are completely natural, preservative free and non-allergenic. You can go to her [groovy] place or she’ll come to you. She uses techniques specifically for revitalizing dry, dull skin texture and minimizing fine expression lines. Sound like your cup of tea? It’s totally mine!


Facial Services…with Cynthia include a one hour facial with extractions, acupressure face, shoulder, neck and scalp massage, exfoliation and a customized masque. Massage, Waxing, Hot Almond and Coconut Oil hair treatment also available…Provided at your home $50, hers in Yorba Linda $40.

Hot Almond or Coconut Oil Hair treatment and massage…$15.

Waxing services provided in Yorba Linda only…Brow: $10 and Lip $8.

Skin Care Products…She uses a combination of a French skin care line, JYTA, Dr Ecktein products from Germany and Vera’s natural beauty products of Beverly Hills.  All three lines are 100% natural, preservative free and non-allergenic.

Her Facial Treatments specialize in the treatment of skin that has been damaged by age.

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So when you’re ready to get your bar raised, give Cynthia a call. I don’t do this very often on my blog, if ever. But this is a facial experience like I’ve never had before and I had to share! 714.350.7840.




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