A Beautiful Freedom

Today as I peeled an orange at the kitchen sink, I observed a little spider crawling on my succulent in the window. The size of perhaps a kosher salt granule, the tiny guy made his way down the thick leaf and over to the spiny leaf of the next. I continued to eat my orange as I observed his miniature journey.

And as I left him be, I couldn’t help but brood over the scenario. Why do I need to kill him, as I normally would be inclined to do, or put a bowl over his path until my roommate could come eradicate the invasion? Spiders in the house, or any insects for that matter, are never welcome.

He was so tiny though, and instead of causing harm or disruption as I blame most spiders for doing, he was minding his own business and continuing on his way. And it made me think, why don’t we mind our own business and continue on our own paths? Why are we always so worried about what others are doing? If we are focused on our own endeavors and our own journeys, the actions of others become irrelevant.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, this little guy taught me a tiny lesson today. A lesson in attention and focusing it on what’s important. There’s no need to bother myself with the insignificant conduct of others when I have my own glorious path and purpose to attend to. Freeing the mind from extraneous excess is beautiful freedom to have.


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