Independence Day

I spent some time this week focusing on my core values and how that should translate to actions in my personal and professional life. A seemingly daunting task, but I dedicated the time to concentrate on it and give it the thought it deserves and got it done. Airplane rides are good for that. I plan to revisit the exercise in another week, and see how my analysis has expanded, if at all. But after this first round, the first value on my list? Independence.

How perfect for this week, I thought as I soaked in the Goodness my time and energy had revealed. I also value freedom (number 2) and taking care of myself so that I can take care of others. What are we here for, after all, if not to help others?

And I can’t help but appreciate this beautiful country we live in where we have so many options. Sure we’ve got some messed up practices and systems and a whole lot of crap that’s inevitable. But we have choices. We have access. We have the opportunity to be whoever we want to be. And that’s pretty powerful.

So on this Independence Day, as we celebrate the epic freedom our forefathers worked so hard for us to have, I hope you’re able to slow down for just a moment and appreciate the independence we were all born with and the freedom we thrive on. Happy Fourth of July, guys.



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