Peachy People Like Liz

Elizabeth and I met over a decade ago (gulp) at college, in Intro to Photo to be exact. We both despised the class for different reasons and had our different struggles, yet so many of the same. As we’ve grown in life, the same has continued. We are so different, yet so much alike. A deep and deserving friendship has resulted from that frustrating little class we were fatefully placed in so long ago.

Now that we’ve left those frustrations behind (and have encountered new ones!), we adore our cameras and our craft. So much that any chance we get, we shoot! We both are fastidious with our development in the photography field and gratefully so, as it’s taken us to many a wonderful experience and place. We went to an Orange party a few weeks back and had to document the attitude of the evening with a few quick portraits. And now that I’m looking through the images, I’m compelled to reflect a little on my dear friend.

Never have I met a woman so delightful and full of Brightness. We obviously all have our dark and dirty moments, and Liz, like any human, has been through hers. But she climbs out, stands up and continues to move forward through life with determination and a little shoulder ditty that gets everyone on the dance floor with her. She is the kind of woman that has learned to roll with the punches and punch back, with pizazz and proper punctuation. She’s an editor, in her profession as well as her life, adapting and revising better as she goes.

And sometimes I just don’t understand how it can get any better with Liz. She is beautiful inside and out, and she radiates a loveliness with every step she takes. And her laugh? Dear God her laugh. THANK YOU GOD for her laugh. And thank You for putting peachy people like Liz on my path. You are so good to me. Liz is proof of that.


boudoir photosPINME


boudoir photosPINMEboudoir photosPINMEboudoir photosPINMEboudoir photosPINMEboudoir photosPINMEboudoir photosPINME

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