I Hope You Dance

The saying goes ‘dance like no one’s watching,’ right? Well what about just dancing? Forget about forgetting about everyone else…and just lift your arms, sway your hips and move to the music of your heart.

A few weeks ago it was really hot in my office and I was g-chatting with a friend, expressing some frustration with the sweaty lull in the afternoon. She said ‘take a break and dance for a minute.’ So I got up from my computer, threw my arms in the air and danced.

What a great rush of serotonin! Life can be overwhelming, intimidating and definitely frustrating. I totally get it. But I also get that focusing on the positive, letting go of the negative and listening to the Good sounds will move you to great things…even if it’s just dancing by yourself for a minute. Feed that soul, guys. Get those Good juices flowing!

So this Friday, I hope you dance.


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Photo credit: Lauren Bauer

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