Tonight, this glass is for me

I’m working late tonight and felt a glass of wine would be fabulous company for a dark and lonesome night in the office.

So I went to the wine cellar (which is really just the overloaded coat closet that no one opens in the front), and perused the inventory. A few $15ish bottles, a few cheapies and two really nice ones. I debated for awhile. I like the cheapies for girls nights in when we’ve already emptied a bottle or two; I like the $15ish bottles to serve and share when I have dinner guests (or the girls before the cheapies are pulled out); and I like the really nice ones to share with someone really special. All of my wine is wine to share. But for a dark and lonesome night in the office…what to open?

I surprised myself by dusting off and popping open a 2005 cab, aka, one of the really nice ones. It’s been sitting on my rack for a few years now and I thought, what the heck. I’ve been on a bread and cracker diet (more on that later) for the past 48 hours, I’m being good by staying in and working hard, why not splurge a little on something nice for myself… Right?

But the thing is, I’m not lonesome and I’m not dark. I have my special someones and my gracious guests and all my fabulous girls. I have my best friend who will stay by my side through the worst of it. I have my parents who have taught me how to appreciate the best of it. I have depth and support and substance in relationships like you can’t believe. For this, I will never be lonesome and dark, even when I’m alone.

So while 95% of the time (disclosure: on this website, 97.4% of statistics are made up), I’d much rather share everything I’ve got with someone, it’s also good to be alone. It’s good to splurge on yourself. It’s good to appreciate time with me, diligence and work for me, passion and persistence for no one else but me. One day I’ll have a partner and a family that this will all be for. But today, tonight, it’s for me. Tonight, this glass is for me.

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  • May 27, 2011 - 12:11 pm

    Stephanie - Jackie!

    That was lovely. Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed reading this.
    Save me a glass!

    Lol your wine cellar (cracked me up)

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