A Convo Worth Sharing – Don’t Drink the Water

A gchat conversation I had yesterday. Thought it was worth sharing:


Robb D
Why on EARTH are people more naturally negative???
Like honestly, what the heck. And I KNOW I don’t dish that sh!t. That’s bullcrap. If I was like that to people….absolutely.
Jackie Lovato
ok first of all
u are so friggin awesome it makes my heart squeeze
Robb D
haha I mean like, I’m diving into communication theory books to find my answer.
Jackie Lovato
people focus on the negative bc its easier. there’s SO MUCH SH!T in this world, it’s easy to complain and feel bad and wallow. it’s EASY. so naturally people take the easy road…
Robb D
Like, something about negativity just sticks with people…in the news…gossip…comments…
Jackie Lovato
it’s bc it’s easy
Robb D
Jackie Lovato
it is sad
but there is ZERO effort in it
u just sink
and soak in the sh!t
then 3, neg energy is CONTAGIOUS
just like positive energy is
Robb D
just like mmeeeeee now.
Jackie Lovato
but ppl let it stick to them
and then they wanna get it off/out too
so when they see someone SO EFFING AWESOME and rad (like yourself)
Robb D
: nod :
Jackie Lovato
they can’t help but try and put it down
Robb D
hahaha too funny.
Jackie Lovato
in conclusion, or 5
you and your purple socks and E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. about you is so wonderful and so beautiful
so keep shining
spread your rays of awesome
and hopefully more people will cling on and come out of the muck
and until they do, just ignore the neg
Robb D
how the FRICK are you this incredible.
Jackie Lovato
:: stepping off podium ::
: ] practice
Robb D
I don’t want to use you as a crutch or anything, but wow.
Even via chat. Dayum woman.
Jackie Lovato
its easier to be neg, remember. it can be hard work to be positive all the time. but it’s WORTH it.
ur welc!
spread your rays of awesome!
Robb D
Jackie Lovato
and hey, in case there are any more struggles today…just remember, DONT DRINK THE (negative) WATER!!!!!!
Robb D
but GAH I don’t like being this sensitive. I love being over things quick, not letting things bother me…etc.
Jackie Lovato
i try to not be so sensitive either
but its uh…caused me to be a bit callous at times i’m realizing
which also is not so good
Robb D
haha! YES.
good call.
Alright….speaking of which.
I think it’ll be a good lift today.
Jackie Lovato
sweat it out

Robb D


Here’s to focusing on the positive today! And spreading rays of awesome!!!!!

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Self portrait by Robb Davidson Photography. Thanks for always teaching me, man. Your rays of awesome are so so bright.


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