My Latest (and maybe someday greatest?) Role

Photography Classes

Some of you may recall a post I wrote a year ago about a hankering I had to do more. Such an odd thing for Jackie to say, right? Hah.

Well this particular desire was finally fulfilled this past spring as I took on my latest (and maybe someday greatest?) role: Instructor. I started teaching Photo 101 at Cypress College and I couldn’t be more excited about the job. In typical Jackie fashion, I bit off more than I could chew, and fortunately figured out how (and carved out the time necessary to learn) to do so. It was a full couple of months as I created an entire semester of content from scratch, revisited topics I hadn’t considered since my beginning days, studied human interaction and student engagement, and wholeheartedly took on a part time teaching job while running a business and slowly building another one. Call me Crazy.

But I’m Crazy in love with teaching! As I knew I would be. I knew it’d be challenging and uplifting beyond anything I’d ever done and I was right. I’ve been majorly spread thin the first half of this year but every moment was worth it. The teaching moments and Lovato and Her Lovely Images moments and personal moments combined. Life is so so good.

I went into the semester with one goal: make an impact on just one set of eyes, on just one soul. I hoped to change just one person’s life for the better. And with the feedback from my students, fellow instructors and staff, I just might have surpassed that goal. Doing more and doing it well. Kyrie eleison!


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Fabulous photo credit to my A-student: Abdon Ortega

Check out his Goodness: @ab_don

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