Octoberness: Pumpkin Colored Nails and Slowing Down

How is it [[[THE END OF]]] October already?

I started writing this blog post 29 days ago, griping about how I never got a tan, how I didn’t get to wear my new suit, and how somehow the rush of summer slipped seamlessly into fall. I haven’t had time to stop at all. Not even to finish this blog post…

And now it’s pumpkin colored toe nails and soup and scarves and wet pavement on soft skied morning walks with little sweatered dogs. In a few short weeks it’ll be Thanksgiving then Christmas and before you know it, I’ll be sixty before. Time just flies so fast these days.

I think it’s important during these especially busy times to slow down. My mom always tries to remind me of that. I am majorly guilty of getting caught up in it and racing, racing and the trees and flowers and sides of the road fly by in a blur. We all do it. This thing called Life is so amazing and thick with responsibilities and details that it’s easy to get in go-mode with your head down. But stop every once in awhile, and slow down. If it’s to smell a dew kissed rose, read a few pages in that book you haven’t been able to get to, or just sit on your couch and think, do it. Slow down a little, and let yourself enjoy this sure to be very merry holiday season.


ponte weddingsPINME

Earlier this month at Lauren and Shane’s Ponte wedding: a moment where I slowed down to look at Light, with my lovely counterpart.

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