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So a lot’s been going on the last few weeks. I hosted 3 house guests. I worked two full weekends with back-to-back-to-back shoots, including two baptisms, an engagement party and a wedding. I painted my fingernails pink. Was energized and poppin’ for a 21 hour day! Hung out with Jean Dujardin backstage at the SAGs. Made three loaves of beer bread. I mean, a lot has been going on!

So holy heck, it’s February! It’s one of my favorite months of the year and I can’t believe it’s already here! January was super awesome but there’s so much I didn’t get done that I wanted to–I’m thinking February’s to-do list is going to be a little larger consequently, and I’m super happy about that. I just love this month! Strawberries, chocolate, love celebrations, ME celebrations, the history of our beautiful dark skinned brothers celebrations…this is just going to be great.

First on the to-do list–why is the background of my blog green? I mean, I love the color (it’s my faaave) but it’s not supposed to be there. We just added the ShareThis plugin as well as the ShootQ Contact Form 7 last week and ever since, my poor blog has been a little green around the gills, even though it says it’s gray! See!

destination wedding photographer blog www.lovatoimages.comPINME

Anyway, if anyone has any advice, that’d be great. Cause as much as I love green, I’m not feelin’ it on my background here. Besides, this fabulous month of Feb should be full of grays! Like gray sweaters mixed with red scarves, silver (gray) platters of truffles and chocolates, a gray background to a fun blog bursting with Feb fabulousness…you know!

Aaaand just because a blog post isn’t quite fabulous without a groovy image, here’s a self portrait I shot in NYC with my Cmeha 35 on on Fuji Super HQ 200 DXF film. January 2, 2012. It doesn’t look as good as it would if the blog background were gray. But there you go.

destination wedding photographer www.lovatoimages.comPINME

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