Tis the Season, to Enjoy!

Here we are. December 13, right smack dab in the thick of it.

Parties, hot ovens, warm kitchens, sweets, sparkles, dinners, more parties, hugs, cards, shows, shopping and all that the holiday craziness has to offer. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the hustle and bustle. It’s easy to get overwhelmed. It’s easy to lose sight of what this Season is really about.

I’ll spare you the religious Reasoning in which I believe. But I want to put a reminder out there that this time of year isn’t a time to get stressed out on shopping and worried about all the calories you ate last night and are going to eat tomorrow. This time of year is about family, friends and the love you share. It’s about the spirit of giving. It’s about the spirit of peace.

For one night, the world falls silent and we get to snuggle in our warm beds with thoughts of sugar plum ferries dancing in our heads. Let the magic and wonder guide you these next 10 days. Take a moment to sit with a cup of something warm and relax. Give. Share Peace. Believe in the Wonder of it all.

And enjoy!

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