together, we’ll conquer the world

journal entry, written on Nov 6, 2006

i feel like i have a lot to express — a lot to share — a lot to offer. but i feel like i can’t let it out in a way that would hook into others. i want others to see what i see — know what i know — understand what i understand. but how do i let it out? how do i show my way?

who the f*** am i anyway. no one. sometimes i act like i’ve got it so together and i’m right on all these issues that if only people would listen – we’d have it all made. but i’m just another schmuck. another bump on a log. another lover lost in lovelessness. another dreamer praying for more sleep. but my dreams, my love, my twisted knots…i believe in them. i believe in my heart and soul.

granted–my mind’s a big shi** pile right now. but. there’s more. so MUCH more inside of me that will get out. one day.

more learning, more experiencing. more expanding. more, more, more! i’ll grow and change and evolve and BECOME. then i’ll express it, share it — OFFER IT — to everyone and anyone who’s willing and able. and together, we’ll conquer the world.

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special thanks to the lovely Elizabeth Zuluaga for taking and sharing this fab foto…

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  • December 3, 2010 - 3:31 pm

    liz - LOVE this post. Glad to know I’m not the only one who feels that way 🙂

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