Travel to me is education

Travel to me is education. Travel to me is escape. Travel to me is excitement. Travel is danger whispering at the nape

of my neck.

Travel is funny food and people being rude in ways you don’t understand. It’s the flick of an eye, a smile that’s shy, and communicating in ways you’ve never done before.

Travel is sunrises. Dark walks. Interesting talks with people you’ll probably never see again. It’s peeing in weird places and taking pictures of faces

of worlds that are ancient, but completely new to you.

It’s unfamiliarity. Similarity. And the realization that as different as we all are, we’re exactly the same.


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I took a little break this year from traveling…. I’m itching though. I’m itching real bad. Watch out 2014: I might just have to travel all over you.

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