You Have to Ride

There’s something amazing about earthquakes. And I’m not talking about the (cuh-razy) fact that Mother just decides to shift a bit and the whole earth rumbles and relocates to a different position. Because that is amazing in and of itself.

The amazing something to me about earthquakes is how you have to ride with them. When the ground starts to move and shake beneath your feet, there’s nothing you can really do but ride it out and hope for the best. Obviously when the really big one comes for us, it will shake my perspective to a completely different level. But of all the earthquakes I’ve experienced in my 20 some years living in Southern California, I know the importance of the ride.

And I can’t help but convert this into my life as a lesson. There is so much you cannot control. There is so much that keeps moving and shifting beneath your feet that you cannot stop. And you can choose to either freeze, scared and worried about what after shocks might shake you again, or you can ride with it, cautious through the change but confident, and ready to stand up on solid ground once more. It’s like falling off a horse or a bike and never wanting to get on again, but you’ve got to get back on. You’ve got to continue to ride. Because when you ride it out, stick with it with a calm assertive behavior, that’s when you grow.

And by ‘it’ I mean, anything that shakes you.

So shake on, World. I’m going to ride with you and grow bigger and stronger from it all.


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image shot in Rome, Italy, October 2011


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