Photography Tip | Avoiding Blurry Images

Auto Mode – Avoiding Blurry Images

When you take pictures on the AUTO mode of your camera, you are telling the camera to do all the work and pick the best settings. Auto is often symbolized by a green camera or a green square. Auto is easy to use and convenient but it isn’t foolproof. Sometimes if there isn’t enough light, the camera will select a slower shutter speed which can result in blurry images. Boo.

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Keeping your body still is key! You must be as still as possible before, during and after pressing the shutter button to minimize image blur. Because many digital cameras continue to process the image after clicking the button – especially if it’s gathering light in dark environments – you want to remain motionless for a few seconds afterward.

Since no person can stay completely still, look for extra support to stabilize yourself: lean against a wall or pole, brace your arms into your body, or even place the camera on a table or a shelf. Holding your breath for a few seconds while you press the shutter also helps. Whatever you can do to minimize your body’s movement, the better off your image stabilization will be (aka, sharp images instead of blurry ones).

Sometimes, it even takes getting in the Crouching Tiger Tip-Toed Jackie position to get the right shot….

As always, any questions, ask!

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