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A few years ago as part of my marketing plan, I decided to start a monthly email newsletter. It’s been an interesting challenge and I’ve grown a lot from it. Last night I sent out the 35th Lovato Images newsletter and I can’t believe it’s been three years. Time keeps flying!

The structure of the monthly emails is always the same, it’s a little blurb about what’s going on with Lovato Images, followed by another little blurb about a business I like/use/support/respect, and ends with the ‘QUICK TIP,’ an easy photography tip or trick that I like to share. Sharing is caring!

The QUICK TIPS have been wildly popular and I get tremendous feedback on them. So much that, my readers/supporters encouraged me to start giving photography lessons and classes, which I started earlier this year and am really happy to continue progressing. Fun stuff!

Anyway, in an effort to share the awesomeness, I’m posting the QUICK TIP that was sent out this month. Sign up and join in on the learning/Lovato loving!


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