Protect Your Memories! Back Up Your Images! | Advice from a Photographer

It is my job to document your memories and to immortalize them with images that will last forever. It is what I do. It is what I am paid and expected and trusted to do.

But when I’m not around, who’s documenting your memories and who’s ensuring that those are expected and protected to last your life time? YOU must.

For every set of images you take on your digital camera, please, please take time to transfer them to your computer and then transfer them one more place for safe keeping. It’s easy. Your digital camera comes with a cord that connects to your computer. Use it. Plug your camera into your computer, save the images on your computer and then save them to an external hard drive or a disc so that there is another copy in one other place besides your computer. Hard drives crash. Cameras get stolen. Kids or stupid cats spill drinks and if you only have your images in one spot, they are indeed in danger.

Back up your images! In two places! Regularly! Consistently! And carefully!

If there’s one thing that I can give you, it’s the knowledge and power to do this on your own all the time. It’s so important. I’ve seen so many people lose years worth of images because they weren’t backed up elsewhere and it hurts me every time. It hurts them more.

Now go! Protect your memories by backing up your digital images again and again!

orange portraits www.lovatoimages.comPINME

portrait taken in Orange, January 6, 2011, Diana F+ lomography, Kodak 400 film

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