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I saw a tweet this morning that said ‘Weekstarts didn’t really catch on like weekends,’ and yearning for my second cup of coffee, I couldn’t have agreed more.

Then the newsletter from Life Coach Linda came in and the little tokens of wisdom were just what I needed this Monday. Thought I’d share (my two cents are added in parenthesis at the end of bullets):

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5 Ways to Put More Oomph into Your Day

  1. Create a Kick Start Morning Routine –  Start your day off with powerful practices like meditation, connecting with inspiring or motivational material, or physical exercise (or read for 15 minutes!)
  2. Design Your Day – Review your goals and intentions for the day and create a plan for making them happen.  Make sure your goals and plan are realistic and balanced (goal planning breaks down to To-Do lists, something I create and follow every day).
  3. Monitor and Maximize Your Energy throughout the Day – Support your physical body by giving it the nutrition and exercise it needs.  Take regular breaks and focus on positive self-talk to keep your mind clear and ready (I start with a healthy breakfast smoothie most days, yum and boom!).
  4. Use the Power of Movement and Action – Movement builds energy and increases motivation.  You will feel better and be more effective when you exercise and stretch regularly.   Taking action toward your goals builds mental momentum, confidence, and a feeling of being energized (take a walk, or better, a walk with your dog!).
  5. Close Your Day with Gratitude, Celebration, and Rest – End your day on a positive note and allow plenty of time for connecting with others, fun, and quality rest.  This will give you the best chance of waking up the next morning energized and ready to go (a nice phone chat, another 15-30 minutes deep in a good book and an early enough bed time!).

Your Turn:  How do you keep the oomph in your days?

 (Please feel to comment or respond leaving a comment below.)
Check out Linda’s blog here and subscribe to her newsletter. It’s regular nuggets of awesomeness that often put an OOMPH in your day! As a small business owner and photographer here in Orange that works a lot of hours alone in her office, I know the importance of motivation. Linda’s notes are just another little push to BE THE BEST Version of YOU! Woo! Happy Monday!

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  • February 25, 2013 - 1:03 pm

    Amy - Great ideas! I usually put together my day the night before. That way when I wake up, I’m ready to go and just have to follow my own instructions. (Night Amy is much more efficient and organized than Morning Amy, she’s a bit of a slacker and needs some extra motivation sometimes!)

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