Newport Beach Wedding Photography – Christie and Kevin

Christie and Kevin totally rocked my world last month. Their wedding was spectacular, from Christie’s beaming smile and hug hello at the hotel, to Kevin’s air guitar dance moves during the first dance to their beautiful friends and family and the heartfelt words they shared during the toasts…I teared up more than I’d like to admit and I enjoyed every second of their day.

I knew Kevin in college, and had shot him a time or two for some assignment here or there. He was a good looking guy then, and I honestly think he made my pictures better back when I knew so little about this craft. He believed in me though, and thought of me first when their wedding planning began. I felt honored.

I met Christie over lunch last year and knew right away that she was perfect for Kevin. She was ridiculously cute and kind and looked at Kevin with such compassion that told me a lot about their relationship even though I knew nothing of it yet. She opened up to me and my camera right away during our engagement session and showed me a sweeter side of being in love. I felt inspired.

And shooting their wedding in July made me again feel honored and inspired. Their love is pure and wholehearted and totally where I’d like to be some day. ‘With all of you here today,’ Christie had said to her guests at dinner, ‘I’m in heaven. This is my heaven, with all of you that I love.’

It felt like heaven to me too.

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  • August 27, 2010 - 8:19 pm

    Liz - yay!!! These came out so great Jackie. Ummm why are they so beautiful? I’m so glad I was there to share this with you. xo

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