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“One more song!! One more song!” the dance floor erupted into chanting after the last song ended at the close of Brenda and John’s wedding reception. A familiar tune as I’m a frequent show-goer and awesome audience participant myself. That’s what we always plead when the band has played their last, walked off stage and we want more.

Well, Brenda and John’s crew wanted more! More of the love, more of the fun, more of all the awesomeness that their wedding celebration was. And DJ John of After Dark Entertainment pulled through: after a few moments of the banter, he threw on the ultimate crowd pleaser SHOUT and the crowd went wild. I’ve never seen a dj play another song after the last song. There are hourly fees and contracts to abide by, after all. So DJ John gets mad props. It was a moment of momentum that I’ll never forget.

Officially “off the clock” myself, I had stuck around to hang out with this awesome group so I was on the dance floor already, duh. Don’t get it twisted, this photographer likes to dance. So when the dancers threw up their hands at the first shout, I ran and grabbed my camera. This was one encore I couldn’t let go uncaptured.

Stay tuned for a full post from Brenda and John’s wedding later this week…

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