Wedding Images | Indian Wells Wedding for Ana and Ryan

So often I hear things like ‘we don’t like ourselves on video,’ or ‘wedding videography is SO expensive,’ or ‘we just don’t have the budget for that,’ and my heart sinks a little lower each time. Because straight up: after all the cake has been eaten, the wedding dress is sealed and stored and the flowers have all died, all you’re going to have left are your memories, and the images that help keep them alive.

So with that, I could go into spelling out the importance of choosing the right wedding photographer and stressing how crucial it is to ensure you will love your wedding photography. But this post is dedicated to something equally as important that unfortunately so many of us tend to overlook: your wedding video.

Wedding videography does something that photography cannot: it provides sound and motion. You get to see that deep breath you took. You get to watch those laughs you shared. You get to hear those promises you vowed as you choked back tears, again and again.

As a vendor at a wedding, assigned with the huge responsibility of documenting the day, the work I do is of utmost importance. Even though at times I may get emotional, I stay focused on my role as photographer. As does your videographer. We’re there to document every moment for you, so you can help remember it through our work later on.

I’m so thankful for the amazing work Eric Maldin did for Ana and Ryan’s wedding last weekend. I was able to laugh when they laughed, cry when they cried and remember it fully and freely through the beautiful cinema posted below. Aren’t you going to want to do the same with the most important day of your life?

RYAN & ANA SCHISSLER WEDDING from Eric Maldin on Vimeo.


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