Wedding Videography for Mission Visual

I really love photographing weddings. Often I’ll ‘second shoot,’ as we call it, where I get hired by another photographer to be the second photographer on the day. When you ‘second’ you have less responsibility; you show up the day of, shoot, hand over images and go home. Closest thing to clocking in and out I’ve ever known. You also get to be a little more free spirited and creative with your shots because you’re not responsible for the entire shot list. It’s nice!

But when you second, you lack that relationship, that connection with the couple. I literally repeat their names over and over in my head as I drive there to remember, as I’ve typically never met them before. Sometimes that bothers me, because so much about what I do and why I’m passionate about it is in knowing who these people are so I can capture their special moments with understanding and honor.

So when I show up to [second] shoot for a couple like Tracie and Joe, it really makes me happy. Because Tracie and Joe are the type of people that just spew out warmth and integrity. Their family and friends were so loving and kind, it felt like I was part of their crew as we witnessed the two became one in marriage. What a special, special day.

This one I shot for Mission Visual. Yessir, I sometimes shoot video too. Awesome film making, as usual, Mike.

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