Love is in the Air | Personal Portraiture

Sometimes I’m inspired by the most simple things: a cup of tea, an engaged barista, a gusty morning. A few weeks ago, a pair of shoes arrived at my doorstep and as I tried on the mile-high monsters and realized I would probably never walk [in them] again, a vision rushed over me like the first sip of hot coffee instantly warming the morning. I knew I had to do a personal shoot with them.

Concurrently, a few days prior I had been talking with a friend who had suggested I get boudoir photos done of myself this year. I’ve posed here and there for friends, but never done a shoot for myself. It’s time, she said. I agreed. So this boudoir picture promise on top of my new shoe inspiration, this self portrait with Chloe manifested immediately. With the upcoming holiday and all this love stuff in the air, it came at the perfect time.

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So Happy Valentine’s Day, all! I hope inspiration and creation and accomplished goals and lots of love meet you today and move forward with you tomorrow.


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