The Best Year Yet

How is it already February 16? I feel like I have so many goals yet to set, so many setting-up-the-year tasks still to complete. I really should know by now that my motivation and high sights don’t reside in the beginning of the year, but stick with me all year round. This is a good thing.

Today is February 16. I am fond of the fine wrinkles that are settling around my eyes, content with the way my body needs just a little more TLC than it did before. I really should keep in mind that happiness with self paves the way to happiness in life, and I should work to keep it this way as many days as I can.

It’s February 16. I started my day with a silent prayer and will end it with two rolls of film, secretly holding my visions until they’re exposed. I should more often keep a quiet tongue and accept freedom with exposure. Taking time to listen and think is necessary, while letting it all out sometimes is too.

And today, my day, I’m going to let it out and look up and on at what is to be the best year yet. I’m excited to push for more. I’m happy to be healthy. I’m ready to rock this life I’m so blessed to lead.



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